Introduction to FocusStacker

Focus stacking is a technique in which you take multiple shots of the same scene—each shot focused at a different distance—and then combine them in focus stacking software to create a sharp image over much greater depth than would be possible with a single shot.

The software for stacking photos is simple and easy to use. But what about the process of taking the shots? How many shots should you take? On what distances should you focus? And what is the best aperture to use? This is where FocusStacker comes in, making guesswork a thing of the past. For the particular image sharpness standard that you specify, FocusStacker determines exactly what you need to know: the minimum number of shots to take, the distances to focus on, and the aperture to use.

FocusStacker is designed for use in landscape and architectural photography. In its speed, elegance and accuracy, it fits the needs of professional photographers (who’ll be happy to know that at its heart lies the sophisticated optimization algorithm originally developed for the OptimumCS-Pro app, adapted now to the taking of multiple shots). Yet it’s so easy to use that anyone can have a go at focus stacking.


1) FocusStacker is not designed for and is NOT suitable for close-up or macro photography.

2) For quality focus stacking software, try Zerene Stacker.

3) You’ll need a camera that enables you to manually adjust focus and aperture, and a way to measure distance (e.g. a distance scale on a lens, or a camera that reads out focus distance, or a laser rangefinder, etc). And you’ll need a tripod.

  1. 3)Please be aware that focus stacking is best suited to static subjects.

More info

A non-technical discussion of what goes on in focus stacking (at the shooting end rather than the image processing end) is presented in the article Focus Stacking in Landscape and Architectural Photography.

  1. No more guesswork in focus stacking

  2. Instant output of all the essential info you need

  3. Intuitive workflow


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